Dear Teacher: 7 School-Related Resolutions for Parents (and Kids!)

These small changes can make a big difference in your child's success rate at school

Dear TeacherDisorganization works for some students and their families. Every school day, children rush around looking for permission slips to sign at the last minute, for gym clothes and for lunch money. While the household resembles a madhouse every morning and after school too, the disorganized children still might be doing well in school.

But organization works far better for most families. It lets children leave for school from a calm environment, know that the routine every day will be the same and understand clearly what their responsibilities are. It also means no surprises. Tests are prepared for on time. Homework assignments are written down, and the necessary books and papers have been brought home. Project dates and even dental appointments are written down on calendars. Obviously, it is far easier for students in well-organized families to succeed in school.

If you are organized, more than likely your children are, too. Most families need to tweak their before- and after-school organization from time to time. Look over our list of the most essential elements of this type of organization. If you see any areas that are not as organized as they might be, make a resolution to change them. Here are some recommendations.


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