Family Finance Quiz

Use this quiz to determine your spending habits, including results that will teach you how to better manage your budget

Photography by Tax Credits, via Flickr

Photography by Tax Credits, via Flickr

Whether your idea of a splurge is beer at the pub or a champagne cocktail at the Four Seasons, your attitude toward the green stuff is probably deeply ingrained. And that has implications for everything from family harmony to your financial status. To discover your money personality, take our quiz, then read on for tips to help you manage your moolah a little better.

Breakfast At Your House Is:

A. Wonder Bread and Sanka
B. Cereal and toast at home, coffee from Tim’s en route to work
C. Eggos for the kids, Starbucks venti soy latte and muffin for you

At the End of Every Month You:

A. Can account for every penny, right down to the 75-cent late-return fine at the library. Drat!
B. Aren’t really sure where your money has gone; you may come out a little ahead, or a little behind. Oh-bla-di, oh-bla-dah…
C. Are scouring the cupboards for lentils you can make into a healthful dish that will feed your family until your next Whole Foods blitz.

You Pay Off Your Credit Card Bill:

A. Every month, or you get heart palpitations
B. When you can — you sometimes get behind, but you usually do better than minimum payments
C. You mean you’re actually supposed to pay it off?

A Budget Is:

A. Your personal bible. You track expenses daily on a spreadsheet
B. A necessary evil
C. A brightly coloured bird, popular with pet-lovers… or is that a budgie?

Your Idea of Saving Money Is:

A. Buying a DVD player for $30 off the back of some guy’s truck, only after the very last VHS tape was removed from your local Blockbuster
B. Dutifully making automatic payments into your kids’ RESPs each month
C. Buying your daughter a sample-sale Whitney Kids dress instead of getting it full-price at Holt’s.

Your Retirement Goals Are:

A. To get yourself a nice little hut with a solar-heated shower and a comfortable outhouse — no sense paying for utilities
B. That’s a long way off — you hope to have the cash to retire comfortably
C. Surely you’ll win the lottery/inherit millions from an elderly neighbour/invent something spectacular sometime between now and then.


Click here to calculate your results and to get tips for managing your money.

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