Garage Sale Season: Baby and Kid Gear You Shouldn’t Buy or Sell

Photography by frankh, via Flickr (CC)

My friend is having a garage sale, so last week I took a couple days off to purge my cluttered basement. Out went cookbooks bought with best intentions, knick-knacks that never really fit in, loads of pre-loved kid toys, gear and clothes, and a stack of magazines that were in desperate need of a better filing system. Plus about 100 hangers—where they all came from I have no idea.

I now have a nice donation for my local Goodwill and a bunch of stuff for the sale. But did you know that anyone holding a garage sale in Canada is legally responsible for ensuring what they are selling is safe, has not been recalled and meets current safety standards? That includes used car seats, cribs, strollers and toys. You can find Health Canada’s list of garage-sale bound products that must meet safety requirements here. As a garage-sale shopper, it’s also important to be aware of the potential health hazards of certain items.

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–Robin, CF’s senior editor

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