Great Time-Saving Tips from Our Savvy Readers

Photo by roxeteer, via Flickr (CC)

We asked you to share your best and most creative time-saving tips.  Here are the 10 best tips:

My family makes frequent overnight trips, so I keep a bag permanently packed with some of the items we always need like a travel alarm clock and mini cosmetics.  I also have packing lists for each family member, which has saved us from forgetting essential items on numerous occasions.

– Denise van Wissen, mom of Jeremy, 1, Oakville, Ont.

My family sets aside a special book or toy that can only be read or played with in the stroller.  This helps us get out of the door more quickly because my daughter is eager to get in the stroller and play with her special toy.

– Julie Dyer, mom of Lilly, 2, and James, 10 months, Ottawa.

My best time-saving tip is to incorporate my family into my daily tasks. For example, when I go grocrey shopping I like to have the kids help. We get the shopping done in half of the time it would take me to do it alone, and they get a say in the products we buy. They will go get things down aisles while I am reading a label or picking up something else. Shopping goes even faster when my husband comes along too :)

– Lorraine LambieWebb, mom of Sarah 12, and Emily, 10, Chase, B.C.

I keep three laundry baskets in a central location of my home for the whole family to use.  When dirty clothes are taken off they get sorted right away into the proper basket.  We decorated the baskets so the kids would remember what basket to put their colors, blacks and whites in.  Now, instead of me going into each child’s room, gathering all the laundry, and then sorting the laundry-it’s all done!

– Shonna Bechtel, mom of Josh, 7, and Nolan, 4, Waterloo, Ont.

When I go grocery  shopping I take a list each time.  This not only prevents me from forgetting items but I also do not spend an awful lot of extra time in the grocery store. Once you get to know the store, it is easy to itemze your grocery list by section.

– Summer Plewes, mom of Foxx, 9, Barrie, Ont.

I have four very easy crock pot meals that my family loves. On busy days these are my life savers! I throw them together in the morning then, when we are all home in the evening, dinner is ready.

– Rose van Meel, mom of Clare, 16, Gregory, 13, and Emmaline, 10, Maple Ridge, B.C.

My time-saving tip is to have a diaper change station on each floor of your house.  This way no matter where you are, you do not have to waste time looking for the diapers, wipes, etc.

– Jennifer Rayment, mom of Jacob, 8 and Jesse, 1, Bolton, Ont.

The biggest time-sucker for me is my computer! Now I bookmark sites that I want to look at and at the end of the day I make myself a cup of tea and go through them then. I give myself this hour almost every night and I really look forward to it!

– Angela Peters, mom of nine-month-old Chloe, Niagara on the Lake, Ont.

We have three bathrooms in our house-all on different floors. To save time, I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom. That way when I feel I have a moment to clean them, I have all the supplies right there.

– Debbie Haentjens, mom of Nicholas, 28, Holly, 24, and Bram, 17,  Hamilton, Ont.

Once a week I prepare several dishes in huge portions and then instead of freezing the whole dish, I create complete single portion meals that can be easily reheated.

– Susan Kramer, mom of Jay, 16, Niagara Falls, Ont.

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