Guest Post: Planning Home (and Family) Improvements

Photo by tiffa130, via Flickr (CC)

Guest blogger Beck from Frog and Toad Are Still Friends shares her eager anticipation for spring and hopes for a much needed home renovation.

February is not my favorite month. It’s not my least favorite, either—that honour goes to November—but February packs a surprisingly gloomy punch for such a short month. It’s the persistence of the snow and the grey skies and the endless cold days and me catching stuff. There’s Valentine’s Day in the middle of it, but Valentine’s Day is pretty fraught and anyhow I’m always sick on it. So go away, February.

March has a rather turbulent history for me and yet I still like it. There’s March break and there’s St. Patrick’s Day and there’s the promise that spring is coming, although never actually in March, here. And we have big plans for March, plans to visit my wee baby niece and plans to FINALLY start the upstairs renovations and the grim fact that the our past March history really wouldn’t make a smart person optimistic about our chances doesn’t change my mind, apparently.

We’re planning on some fairly extensive renovations—well, extensive for us, anyhow —replacing a shower and installing a window in the upstairs bathroom, dividing up a giant upstairs space into two normal-sized bedrooms, and carving a new room out of some raw attic space. And when it is done, each of our daughters will have their own bedroom and I am looking forward to this because having them share a bedroom has been one of the biggest mistakes so far as parents. Yes, parents have done MANY worse things, but they’re too different in temperament and in age to happily share a room and it’s damaged their relationship with each other, horribly enough. We thought it would work and it didn’t and now we’re waiting for February to be done and for now, we feel like we’re living in the shell of what our house will someday be. We will fix it, I think, not meaning merely the walls, the windows, the colours on the wall. —Beck

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