How to Hide Toys in Plain Sight

"I have two young children and my house is bursting at the seams with toys. I simply don't know where to put them all. At my friend's house (a mother of three), everything is out of sight. What's the secret?"

When you have littles in your house, toys are just a fact of life. BUT, that doesn’t mean they have to take over your house. The key to conquering toy clutter is smart storage. Look at every nook, cranny and empty space in your home and think of it as a storage opportunity. Ask yourself what you could add to that spot to make it more useful. Here are options for every budget and for every nook and cranny:

Build it in


Design wall-to-wall storage that incorporates toys and anything else you want to get off the floor — like the TV, DVDs and clothing. Doors and drawers keep unsightly clutter out of the way, and you can custom-design them to suit your needs and fit perfectly. If they’re made well, they should look like they are part of the house.

Free stand


Look for clever freestanding furniture that suits your needs. This includes stackable bins, baskets, buckets, boxes, trunks, shelving and armoires. Each piece should suit your style and how your kids play. It’s smart to have both open and closed storage; and some areas that only you can access. Bonus: Freestanding items go with you if you move, are great for rental spaces and can be easily modified to suit your kids’ growing and changing needs.

Show it off


Leave room to display great-looking toys. Simple shelves that run around a room, whether they’re custom-designed or ready-made, turn toys into easy-to-access decorative art. Fill one wall, floor to ceiling, for bigger visual impact. Tip: Make sure shelves and freestanding units are safely secured to the wall (because you know those little critters will try to climb them at some point).


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