How to Organize a Rummage Sale in 5 Easy Steps

Photography by Donna Griffith

Canadians produce 13.4 million tons of waste each year. Rather than adding to it, take your gently used baby gear and children’s clothes and organize a mom-to-mom sale instead. It’s a great way to clear some space, fundraise and meet other moms. Kathy Richmond, one of the masterminds behind Children’s Pillage in the Village, a series of brilliantly successful Toronto rummage sales, offers her advice on organizing a successful event:

1. Determine your main objectives, whether it’s supporting the community you live in or to reduce, reuse and recycle.

2. Develop a critical path with due dates and who is responsible for each item.

3. Advertise your sale with a website, Craigslist postings, posters with event tear-offs, postcards left in various locations or ads in local papers.

4. Set a budget and stick to it. Look to friends, family and local businesses to donate services or food for volunteers.

5. Give volunteers proper training, job expectations and thank-yous. They are the face to your fundraiser, and word of mouth is still your most powerful ally.

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