Invite Spring Into Your Home

Redecorating your entire house with every season is way too time-consuming, but you can easily update the feel of your home with some key elements.

Photo By Michael Graydon Prop Styling by Sasha Seymour.

Photo By Michael Graydon Prop Styling by Sasha Seymour.


As seasons change, so do the colours, textures and styles that we use to surround ourselves (you wouldn’t wear flannel in the summer, would you?). But while redecorating your entire house with every season change isn’t exactly a wise decision, you can update your decor with a couple key elements to bring your living area into Spring, without having to do a massive overhaul.

Pillows and throws:

Neutral-coloured seating lends itself to impromptu redecorating and pillows and throws make it cheap and easy to change the energy of any room.  We love these pillows, made by a Canadian woman who shows her line at The One Of A Kind Show. We especially the life cycle design; so vibrant and cheerful.


Decals have grown leaps and bounds over the past few seasons, making their way into nurseries, as chandeliers in mod dining rooms and as chalkboards in family kitchens. They are a great alternative to wallpaper when creating an accent wall, because the price tag is much less and most can be easily removed.

Mantle decor:

It is all about mixing and matching, and many times you have all the items you need, already in your house. Start with a base theme: such as picture frames (scatter colour and black and white images and opt for frames that compliment, rather than match) or vases (try including a vintage water can or this one from ikea for $9.99 and spruce it up with some vibrant spring flowers). Then, fill in the holes with other trendy or true-to-your-style touches like seashells from your trip down south, a framed piece of your child’s art, or bottles of colourful candies, beads or marbles.

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