Is That Optimism We Hear Coming?

So, we’re hearing on the news that the economy has hit bottom, and the only way to go from here is up. Hooray! And we can’t help but notice that this seems to have coincided with a rash of more positive messages from the media.

Exhibit A: The cover of the current Maclean’s.









Exhibit B: The cover of a recent Toronto Life (February, 2009).









Exhibit C (and our favourite): The most excellent positive-outlook PSAs airing on Q107, The Edge and AM640 in Toronto.

Obviously, this has been a tough time for many people (our industry has been hit hard and many friends lost jobs), but the media has had a hand in perpetuating the hysteria, and it’s very nice to see our colleagues making an effort to help people feel a little less afraid. Positive thinking may not fix everything, but it couldn’t hurt.

Do you have any examples of positive messages from media outside of the Toronto area? We’d love to hear them!

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