Family Finance Dos and Don’ts

The best family money solutions from allowance dos and don'ts, a family finance quiz, and money lessons for your kids

Family Finance Dos and Don'tsAllowance Basics
The best tips on how to start your kids on an allowance from starting at the right time, teaching them to save, and making sure they earn every penny.

Family Finance Quiz
What is your spending personality? The Hoarder, the Tight-Rope Walker, or the Big Spender, find out with our quiz.

Helping Your Kids Learn About Money
From the time you give them their first piggy bank, they’re ready to start learning how to mange their money. From toddler to teen, here’s how to teach them to spend and save wisely.

Money Lessons for Mom
Making sure money doesn’t cause a rift in your family plus how to start your teen with the Bank of Mom.

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