Reviewed and Approved: Make Your Photos into Posters!

Photography by Michael Alberstat

If you’re desperate for some new art for your walls, but don’t want to buy generic Ikea art, and have little desire to break out a paintbrush yourself, check out

We saw an ad for this service while watching one of our favourites: The Dog Whisperer (let it be known that we have no dog). We’d been tossing around the idea of getting some of our photos from a recent trip to Japan blown up for our walls, but hadn’t really done much about it.

We checked out their site, saw that they had a promotion on ($18 for a 24 x 32 print), and went for it. We ordered two posters that size, and the total—including taxes and shipping (we’re in central Toronto)—came to about $50. Two days later, huge, gorgeous prints arrived, and they’re spectacular!

The temptation now exists to turn every picture we love into a poster, but we’ve so far resisted. Not for too much longer, mind you, as we’ve already got plans for wedding gifts, thank-you gifts and shower gifts.

Posterjack offers a variety of sizes (right up to 60 x 180), the site was easy to use, and they even have software that checks your photo’s resolution against the size you’ve ordered and will warn you if the quality isn’t right. We also loved the the “fitting” option: our photos weren’t exactly proportional to 24 x 32, so you can choose to crop them to fit, or to keep the proportions and print at the size nearest to your order, which was what we did. gets our stamp of approval!

And go here to check out four other ways to hang your personal photos—including the images-on-a-wire version shown here.

—Megan, CF‘s online editor and managing editor

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