The Tooth Fairy is Broke Too!

According to a recent survey, losing your teeth just isn’t worth the same as it once was. With the payout dropping from $2.09 last year to $1.88, maybe adults aren’t the only ones feeling the recession burn.

Here at the office, we have noticed some changes of our own. Now we will admit to maintaining many of our lunchtime rituals—potato day on Tuesdays and Mystic Muffin on Thursdays—we have been trying to bring our lunch the rest of the time, and cook at home (when we can). We also have ditched the cabs in favour of walking or public transportation and are thinking of fun new ways to DIY. You know that sweater that doesn’t fit? It’s our new spring tote. And those unusable crayon bits? We’ve put them to use. (And, you can check out our Summer issue for more easy DIY solutions).

But so far, our kids seem to have come out unscathed. Despite our Senior Editor’s daughter’s thieving of loose change (which she did perform before the economic meltdown) and Jen’s son wearing floods to school today (which is actually just because she’s been here, working, instead of doing laundry), as parents, we have been able to cut back in ways that don’t adversely affect their childhood.

So, how have your families been affected by the recession? And do you let your kids know about what’s going on?

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