Yard Sale for the Cure: Bargain Hunting for a Good Cause

Are you yard saling tomorrow? If you’re not hosting, will you be scouring the neighbourhood for treasure? Tomorrow is the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Yard Sale for the Cure.

Volunteers across the country will be up bright and early, hosting homegrown yard sales with proceeds going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Since 2005, the annual national event has raised over $1-million for CBCF initiatives, which fund, support and advocate for breast cancer research, along with education and awareness programs, early diagnosis and treatment.

It’s easy to find a Yard Sale for the Cure—look for pink shirts, pink signs and pink balloons. But you can save yourself some driving and check out the Find a Sale page which maps out the locations of registered yard sales across the country.  The site also highlights Featured Yard Sales in your area, where you’ll find big community yard sales, along with those hosted by corporate sponsors ReMax and 1-800-Got-Junk.

Whatever you pay for your yard sale treasure yields a triple return: you score a deal, the host gets rid of something they don’t need, and the money goes straight to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Bargain hunting can be an elbows-out enterprise, but we’ve got great tips for scoring at your local yard sale:

Go early. No sleeping in allowed. Be prepared to hit the street by 7:30 at the latest. (Seriously, die-hards start circling the block before posted sales are open for business.)

Grab cash. At yard sales, cash is king. Bring lots of it, in small bills and coins of all denominations. It’s a pain to make change for a $20, and if you leave to get money, your find might belong to someone else by the time you return.

Go with a plan. Keep your eyes peeled for items you’ve been searching for—you never know when you’ll spot a super kids’ toy or could-be-valuable brooch.

Troll for treasures. We’ve all heard stories of long-lost art stored in an attic and going for a song at a yard sale. Keep your eyes peeled for costume jewelry, original art, old books, or other collectibles. If it doesn’t turn out to be Antiques Roadshow material, you can sell it at next year’s yard sale.

Bring Your Own Bag. We know your trunk is crammed with reusable bags. Tote a few with you so you can carry all your bargain loot.

Make an offer they can’t refuse. Yard salers take their best guess at pricing. Make a fair offer, and you might score that item for less. Even better, make them a deal they can’t refuse by buying a bunch of stuff. You score, they get rid of junk, and the money goes to a good cause. Win-win-win.

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