Wise Words From Thoughtful Little People

Kids have always said—and will always say—the darndest things.


Sometimes words suddenly burst forth from kids’ mouths, seemingly out of the blue, but rest assured much “little people” thought is behind them and they are always precious, often hysterically funny. Spontaneous, yes, but wise, logical, and amazingly astute.

Being a grandmother, a mother, and an aunt I have been privy to many such gems and—lucky for you—I am willing to share.

1. Grandson after devouring a special dinner prepared by his grandma:

“Grandma, this is just like a love shot straight to the heart it’s so delicious!”


2. Scene: two plastic dinosaurs are embroiled in a heated battle. One inevitably loses.

Grandson to his grandmother (the audience): “Oh that one lost so he’s now extinct.”

Then he adds (lest she not comprehend): “That means he’s really stinky.”


3. A six-year- old’s teacher informs his mother that he has definitely matured. After Mom explains to the little guy that the teacher was saying that he was now acting more like a grade one student rather than a kindergartener, the little boy answers:

“Yes, I can feel myself evolving.”


4. Ten-year- old granddaughter at the age where she is a bit conflicted as to whether she prefers being a spy or a fashion model:

“I am sneaking up on a bad guy while wearing my invisibility cape, (over a dress, simple but pretty).”


5. Grandma overhears her five-year- old grandson acting out a scenario in another room and speaking with an imaginary girl:

“You want to go on a date with me? Well….I am handsome but I’m a super hero and we don’t do things like that.”


6. Toddler after sitting on her feet at the table for an extended period:

“What the….what the….my feet feel fuzzy!”


7. Mom to seven-year- old son while laughing at a particularly precocious remark he has made: How did you become you? How did I grow such a funny boy in my tummy?”

Son, rolling his eyes, “You had sex, Mom. We all know that.”


8. Little girl perched on a chair at the table:

“What the heck? I just burped in my panties!”


9. Grandmother to her eleven-year- old daughter who has been avidly reading the Harry Potter books: What does ‘hypocrite’ mean?”

Granddaughter: “That’s easy – a cross between a horse and an eagle.”

10. And my very favorite one: My six-year- old grandson explains to his mommy why he had just done something naughty:

“Sometimes my body makes bad choices.”

Her reply: “That is called impulse and when you get older your mind will have more of a say in what your choices are.”

And his earnest reply: “Oh good because now my mind doesn’t come until after I’m standing in a really deep puddle.”


Yes, being a grandmother is chock full of “awesomeness”, to quote my young grandson. These honest, sweet, innocent little people provide a complete entertainment package and often cause us to ponder some new areas of thought ourselves.

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