Prepare Yourselves—Facebook is Making Some Big Social Media Changes

If you are one of the 800 million users of Facebook, you already know that Facebook has been making some changes to the way its platform works. It has added a real-time ticker on the right side of the page, added the ticker to the top of your chat list, brought back the friend lists, changed the way photo albums are laid out and changed up the news feed. It’s no secret that Facebook has been making changes to keep up with other social media platforms for years. And yet, every single time it makes changes people complain and change their status updates to “I hate the new Facebook!”

And now, it’s heading into a new future, which involves making some big changes.

Check out the new profile page. It’s very different than what we have gotten used to over the past few years. It goes above and beyond status updates, photos, and information that gets buried too quickly, ending up lost in the abyss. It’s almost like having your own mini blog. You can post memorable moments, quote movies, share those songs that you just can’t get out of your head. It’s more personal, it’s more of your story and it’s more of your important information at everyone’s fingertips.

The new changes are designed to enhance both the social side and the media side of social media. And of course, to stay ahead of the curve when competition (like, say, Google+) comes on the scene.

How do you feel about all of these new changes? Do you think they should have left well enough alone? Do you think that Facebook needs this social media game-changer to stay on top?


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