Price Matching: A Basic How-To

Most stores will price match their competition to give you the best deal for your buck.

Price matching is an often-forgotten shopping tactic: it requires slightly more effort than your average window shopper is willing to put in, but the rewards are way-sweet.

For those of you who don’t know, price matching is something many techie or big box stores do to stay ahead of their competition. If you can prove that you’ve seen the same item at a lesser price (sales included) elsewhere than that store will match (or better yet, beat) the price, saving you a trip back to the other place.

So how do you do it? To prove that the lesser price is current, shoppers simply need to bring in a flyer or a print out of a website price that includes the date to the till (make sure that store has a price match policy, and find out what it is first so that you are getting the best possible deal). And, some stores will even match the price after you bought the item. Within a limited time frame you can bring in your receipt, as well as the flyer with item on sale for cheaper, and they will refund the difference.

For more information on how to price match best, check out this helpful article.

Check out some of these great stores that offer price match policies: Zellers, Toys R Us, FutureShop and Canadian Tire,  and tell us what are favourites?

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