Canadian Family’s 3rd Annual Reader Survey

Parents compare themselves; that's just what we do. We all want to know if anyone else ever lies to their kids, sends them to daycare sick and feeds them junk. So CF polled thousands of families across the nation to talk about the things we don't always speak of. And here are the results.

Canadian Family's 3rd Annual Reader SurveyHow often do you swear in front of your kids?

23% – Never.
63% – I let the odd cuss slip from time to time.
11% – It’s a pretty regular occurrence.
3% – I curse like a f*#@ing sailor.

What does your bedtime routine really look like?

50% – I give a kiss, say goodnight, shut the bedroom door, and we’re done!
19% – After a rather elaborate sequence of events, I can sneak away. Maybe a couple of check-ins too.
19% – What bedtime routine?
8% – I lie down with my kids until they fall asleep.

3% – My kids sleep in our bed.

How often do you lie to your kids?

60% – I am only a little white liar (“Of course Santa is real!”)
17% – Never. Honesty is the best policy.
16% – I will lie, but usually only when it’s convenient. (“They’re actually sold out of doughnuts. What would you like instead?”)
6% If lying will minimize my battles, I will lie. (“No, honey, the park is closed today.”)

Your child has the sniffles, but you weren’t planning on staying home today. What do you do?

44% – Work or other plans can wait. We’re staying home.
39% – I call grandma or another relative to take care of him.
17% – I hop him up on cold meds, send him in, and hope I have at least until lunchtime before I get the call to come get him.

How much junk food does your child actually eat?

78% – Moderation is key: she can have the odd treat.
9% – I rely on drive-thrus and foil bags a lot more often than I think I should.
8% – I eat junk food and so do my kids.
5% – None. I’m hyper-vigilant.

How much TV does your child actually watch?

54% – We limit screen time to only a few hours a week.
36% – We have a healthy appreciation for boob tube in our house.
6% – TV is the best free babysitter I’ve ever had.
4% – None. No screen time until she’s older.

Have you ever spanked your kids?

40% – Never.
40% – Only once. And I will never do it again.
40% – I’ll swat him on the bum if he’s being unmanageable.

2% – I regularly use spanking as a discipline tool.

Are you happy with your work situation?

38% – Yes, I’m a working parent and I’m happy.
28% – Yes, I’m a stay-at-home parent and I’m happy.
16% – No, I’m a working parent and wish I was at home.
14% – I don’t know what I want, but I’m not happy.
3% – No, I’m a stay-at-home parent and wish I was at work.

Are there any of your kids’ friends that you don’t like?

59% – There are a few that rub me the wrong way, but it’s no big deal.
15% – No. All children are beautiful.
15% – There are some that drive me crazy: I cringe when she asks for a playdate with them.
8% – There are some kids I simply refuse to let my child play with.

Did you drink or smoke while you were pregnant?

77% – No.
8% – I had the odd sip.

9% – I had the odd puff.

3% – I had the odd sip and the odd puff.
3% – I couldn’t give ’em up.

Do you drink more or less than you did before you had kids?

39% – I used to drink more before I had kids.
32% – I don’t drink.
21% – The amount I drink hasn’t changed now that I’m a parent.
7% – I drink more now that I’m a parent.

Has the love you feel for your partner changed since having kids?

51% – It hasn’t changed.
35% – It’s gotten stronger.
14% – I love my partner less since having kids.

Do you feel you are a better parent than your own parents?

47% – Maybe, but we’re all just doing the best we can.
32% – In some ways, yes.
12% – Yes, in every single way.
9% – No, they were better parents.

Do you ever regret your decision to become a parent?

73% – Not for a moment.
21% – There have been moments of regret over the years, but nothing major.
5% -I’ve struggled with that from time to time, yes.
1% – Yes. I regret it all the time.

Do you ever wish your kids had been born a different sex?

96% – Nope. Happy with what I’ve got.
2% – I have a daughter, but wish she was a son.
2% – I have a son, but wish he was a daughter.

Do you have any mommy friends that you secretly hate because they seem too perfect?

65% – No. Nothing is as it seems.

25% – I feel flashes of hatred, but only when she says she’s still a size 2.
9% – Yes. I secretly seethe at the bitch’s every mention of her little darling’s latest A+ or her new sports car or her expertise on absolutely goddamned everything.

Do you measure up to your own ideals of parenthood?

72% – I think I’m doing okay. Not perfect, but pretty good.
16% – Yes. I feel good about everything I do as a parent.
9% – Most days, I feel like I’m just trying to make it through.
3% – Actually, I don’t think I’m very good at this parenting thing.

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