Dirty, Sexy, Money: Family Survey Results

We asked you about sex, cleaning and finances, and thousands of you shared your thoughts. Here are the results of our 2nd Canadian Family reader survey

Dirty, Sexy, Money – Family Survey Resultsdirty questions

Do you hate cleaning?
15% — I despise it. It’s my least favourite thing.
48% — I’d rather be doing something else, but it’s necessary.
25% — I don’t mind it in small doses.

12% — I actually like cleaning. (Who are these people?!?)

Do your kids help with the cleaning and housework?
12% — Yes, always.
25% — Yes, but I have to plead and beg.
32% — Not yet, but they will when they’re older.
31% — No, they’re not involved.

Does your partner pitch in with the cleaning as much as you’d like?
41% — Yes — we share the work 50/50.
32% — Yes, but I have to plead and beg.
12% — No, my partner doesn’t lift a finger.
15% — I’m on my own, so I have no help there!

Do you use a cleaning service?
5% — Yes, I couldn’t live without it.
4% — When things get bad, I’ll call in some backup.
59% — No, but I sure would like to.
31% — No. I think it’s a waste of money.

Do you buy environmentally friendly cleaning products?
13% — Always.
5% — I don’t buy. I use baking soda, vinegar, etc.
73% — Sometimes.
9% — No.

sexy questions

Do you feel satisfied with your sex life?
19% — Yes, very much so.
42% — Most of the time.
22% — It could be worse, I guess.
17% — No. Not satisfied.

Are you comfortable being naked with your partner?
34% — Oh, definitely.
35% — I feel pretty good most of the time.
24% — I’d rather the lights go off when the clothes come off.
7% — No, I avoid my partner seeing me naked. (FYI: confidence is sexy, we promise.)

Did having kids affect your sex life negatively?
35% — Actually, no.
35% — It’s different, but not too bad.
30% — Are you kidding? Of course it did!

Are you open to trying new things in the bedroom?
25% — Yes, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and toys.
11% — Yes, but only if my partner initiates.
54% — Depends on what it is…
11% — Not really. I like what I like, so why change it?

Do you have a sex schedule?
3% — Yes, we have a weekly schedule.
7% — We plan a time for sex when we get busy.

15% — No, but I kind of like that idea.
76% — No. It happens when it happens.

money questions

Do you talk to your children about your financial situation?
15% — Yes, they are very aware of our situation at all times.
53% — Only if it’s relevant to them.

27% — No. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about that stuff.

Do you talk to your friends about money (how much you earn, what your latest big purchase cost, etc.)?
5% — Sure — I’m an open book about that stuff.
24% — Yes, to my close friends.
41% — Occasionally.
30% — No. I think money matters should be kept private.

Do you donate money to charity?
22% — Yes, as much as I can afford to give.
58% — Yes, I donate a little.
11% — No, but I contribute in other ways.
9% — No.

Has the economic downturn affected your family?
12% — Yes, very much so. We’re feeling it quite profoundly.
33% — Yes, we’re more cautious with our spending.
43% — We’re being careful, but are feeling okay.

12% — No, it hasn’t had any impact.
We were really pleased to see that the majority of you are feeling okay about the economy.

Do you feel our society is too obsessed with financial and material wealth?
46% — Yes! There are so many more important things.

50% — I think we could use more balance.
4% — No.

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