Family Updates: Time Outs, Homemade Pizza and Tuition Hikes

Natural sweetener no good for babies:
Feeding Honey to Infants Has Botulism Risk: Health Canada (Parent Central)

Homemade pizza with an old-style twist:
Fired Up Over Their Clay Pizza Oven (The Boston Globe)

Running out on your partner:
• A Workout Ate My Marriage (The Wall Street Journal)

Putting Baby in the corner may not be a bad idea after all:
• Kids Losing It? ‘Timeouts’ Are an Effective Tool For Parents, Study Shows (The Star Phoenix)

Sometimes the facts may not point to one conclusion:
• Shaking Science (Motherlode)

“Education should not be a debt sentence”:
• N.S. Students Protest Tuition Rates (CBC-Nova Scotia)

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