Famiy Updates: Guilt-Free Moms, Family Finances, Fashionista Four-Year-Olds and Much More!

• When things don’t go quite as planned, it’s nice to have a helping hand:
The Mother of All Baby Columns: How Parents Can Navigate Neonatal Intensive Care (Parent Central)

• Rose-coloured glasses are giving divorce a run for its money:
Put Your Partner on a Pedestal, You Might Have a Happier Marriage (The Globe and Mail)

• Your kids are watching you nickle and dime your family to death:
Talking Dollars With Your Kids is Good Financial Sense (Times Colonist)

• If they want to wear a cape to school, just give in:
Preschool Wardrobe Wars (Motherlode)

• Full day kindergarten is hitting the ground running in 2012:
900 More Ontario Schools to Offer Full-Day Kindergarten in 2012: McGuinty (Parent Central)

• A note to all moms: Be easier on yourself!
20 Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About (CNN)

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