Fill in the Blank: I Never Pictured Myself…

I never looked this good in my Bjorn, though I did love that it doesn’t create a muffin top effect like other carriers.

Last Friday I was walking down the street with a friend, pushing strollers past a hipster happy-hour spilling out onto the sidewalk from a neighbourhood bistro. And that’s when I started thinking of all the things that, pre-mom, I never would have pictured myself doing, such as:

1. Walking down the street while eating and pushing a stroller.

2. Walking down the street while eating, pushing a stroller and talking at the same time.

3. Cheering “Hooray!” when the elevator finally arrives. Um, yeah, out loud, and at the office.

4. Playing peek-a-boo through a buttonhole on my coat.

5. Walking as though I had a baby strapped to me for a good month post-baby carrier, aka the Bjorn walk.

Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

So, fill in the blank. Before I was a mom, I never imagined myself…

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