How Lazy Was Our March Break?

With some fun DIY projects and play dates, entertaining the kids during March Break won't be hard!

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I love March Break. But I don’t just love March Break. I love March Break, Christmas break and summer break, too. I may be in the minority among parents on this one, but I love any time of the year that the kids don’t have to be in school.

Call me lazy, but any time I don’t have to spend my nights scrambling to make lunches, clean out backpacks, oversee homework or sort through paperwork, and then spend my mornings scrambling to get the aforementioned flotsam and jetsam (not to mention the kids) out the door, is good for me. Even as a full-time, work-outside-the-home mom, I felt this way. Sure, working while my kids were on break brought with it an entirely different set of baggage (guilt, anyone?), but anything that can happen to reduce a) my workload as a mother and b) my hair-trigger stress reflex when I’m in a rush, is a decent trade-off for me.

Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom with a manageable freelance schedule, I’m enjoying the breaks even more. Yes, it may mean a few later nights or earlier mornings to square away my writing obligations, but it is totally worth it to me. We here at Casa Cornfield revel in slow mornings and PJs until 10 a.m.; in unscheduled days and watching the hours unfold in stress-free sunshine.

Of course, our days are not fully or exclusively freeform, but other than a few things, we have planned very little for March Break. Day one was rainy, grey and cold, and therefore perfect for crafts, baking and an Uno tournament. Day two was sunny and gorgeous, so after grocery shopping, we spent the day using sidewalk chalk to transform the driveway into an art gallery. Today, day three, will be taken up almost entirely by a playdate with busy little cousins, and tomorrow and Friday are, as of right now, completely open.

I have contingency plans for boredom, thanks to trips to the local craft and dollar stores last week, but whether we even pull out our new materials or save them for another day will be determined by the weather and our state of mind. A walk to the creek to feed the ducks serves as entertainment around here, but so does cuddling on the couch with storybooks and stickers.

If we get really ambitious, we might hit up the Children’s Museum in London, but we’ll see. Maybe we’ll go—as long as I don’t have to pack a lunch.

What’s keeping your kids busy this week?

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