It’s That Time Of The Month Again

And no, we’re not talking about PMS—with an office full of (mostly) women, we set a firm policy to synchronize ours for dates that don’t coincide with the magazine’s production. Yes, we’re talking about those late nights of mind-bending literary achievements and painstaking artistic endeavors. Yes, it is our production time folks, and despite the glooming fact that it’s now Day Two here at the office, we promise you a fabulous summer issue!

While many of our pre-baby CF-ers are able to fill the cat food bowls a little fuller, bring a few extra snacks for themselves and leave some lights on for when they arrive home late, the mommies of the bunch have a whole other world of issues to deal with (besides putting out a National Magazine Awards nominee).

Luckily these mommies have lots of great advice for managing homesickness and separation anxiety at their finger tips. For starters, CF‘s Senior Editor Robin Stevenson shared a tip from her daughter’s JK teacher in our May issue that involves a kiss on the hand goodbye and a much more cheerful morning routine.

We also have some suggestions for making overnight camps comfortable (for you and them), for surviving their first sleep over and, most importantly, for taking “parents time” away from home.

Have some tips of your own to share for easing times of separation? We’d love to hear them!

As for us… it’s time to get back to work!

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