My Christmas Intervention—Update


If you read my story in our November issue, you’ll know that I have been making a concerted effort to improve my Christmas spirit which has been, to date, a little unspirited. I was happy to hear from quite a few of our readers that they have had similar feelings towards the holidays.

I am proud to report I am working hard to keep my seasonal dread in check. Let it be known that in the past two weeks, I have:

1 Put up my Christmas wreath and lights a full week before December. My husband is thrilled with this turn of events, but I had to draw the line at the inflatable snowman he was eyeing.

2 Made a gingerbread house with my daughter for a charity fundraiser. Sadly, I was later informed it was stolen while on display.

3 Took my girl to see the Santa at the mall where I was once a Santa’s elf. The elves now wear red sweaters and black pants, back in the day I had to wear a red and green skirt, white sweater and Santa hat. What gives?

4 Invited my family over for Christmas day brunch. “Serenity now” will be my mantra.

5 Bought my daughter’s big-ticket gift: a set of drums (a total score on Craigslist). I’ve asked Santa for earplugs.

This is progress, people.

Things I am still struggling with however…

1 Crowded malls. They make me crazy. I have done all I can to finish shopping so I don’t have to step into one for the whole month of December.

2 Whether to send out Christmas cards, which I haven’t done in years, but wonder if I should as part of my rehabilitation. I am still mulling this one.

Any thoughts?

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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