The Sex Lives of Canadian Parents

Where do you fit on the spectrum of Canadian parents with your own sex life? Read the results of our survey and find out!

When we asked what Canadian parents are doing behind closed doors, we left no blanket unturned. See below for the results of our steamy survey—just in time for parents to have a few steamy conversations with their partners on Valentine’s Day this weekend.

We will follow up the results with relationship tips and advice (from parents and experts) on how to improve the sex lives of Canadian Parents (happy parents means happy family!) in direct relation to any of the concerns that arise from the responses.



One response to “The Sex Lives of Canadian Parents”

  1. Kristi B. says:

    Wow, its amazing to know we share a similar sex-life to so many others in our age group. Interesting survey and results! It would be neat to do another survey on how partners view each other in different areas. For example I think my husband talks too much but I also think he is smart. I view my husband as a flirt but believe he would never cheat on me. Just a thought, Happy Valentines to all!