Thought-Provoking Posts of 2014

From parenting advice to body image issues, we've rounded up the most thought provoking articles of 2014.

From what’s it’s like to parenting boys, to being a mom in modern times, check out our round up of the 20 most thought provoking articles of 2014.

An Open Letter to My Friends Who Don’t Have Kids
Balancing friends and family can be hard, especially when you’ve got a newborn to take care of.

11 Things Only Parents of Boys Understand
One mom writes about how her life changed when she became the mother of boys. Are there certain things only parents of boys can understand?

Halloween for Kids in the ’70s vs. Halloween Today
From the Halloween discontinued candy to the costumes, see how Halloween has changed from the 70s.

Frusterating- Postshes-not-scary
He’s Not Scary, He’s a Little Boy
One mother explains how to behave when your child meets someone who looks different.

Disney Princesses With Realistic Waistlines Look Utterly Fabulous
Do realistic waistlines on your children’s favourite characters matter? What do you think?

Frusterating- Posts-asking-for-a-girl
Stop Asking Me If I’m Going to Try For a Girl
What’s it’s like when all you have are boys.

Rich Mom Doesn’t Want Poor Kids Trick-or-Treating in Her Neighborhood
The issue with not allowing certain families trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood.

EXCLUSIVE: Gwyneth Paltrow on the beach in the Caribbean
Modern Moms Looking for Perfection in All the Wrong Places
It can be hard to be a mom  when you try to balance, work, family and friends.

The Default Parent
In a world where parenting isn’t 50/50, are you the default parent? Or the back-up parent?

Frustrating- Posts-baby-570
I’m Pregnant. So Why Can’t I Tell You?
A different take on when to tell everyone you’re pregnant. What’s your opinion?

Frustrating- Posts-normal-570
What Normal Looks Like
Life is messy, so why can’t your home be? This is what the new normal looks like.

Frustrating- Posts-anxiety-570
This Disorder is More Common than Postpartum Depression
A look at postpartum anxiety, more common than depression and yet

Frustrating- Posts-costume-570
‘Sexy’ Halloween kids costumes at Value Village anger mom
How do you find appropriate costumes for your kids? A look into what is offered for young girls.

Frustrating- Posts-stay-at-home-570
5 Things a Stay-at-Home Mom Needs to Let Go
We know being a full-time parent is hard and not easy.  Here’s why stay-at-home moms should not feel guilty.

Frustrating- Posts-peanut-butter-570
Bans on nut-free spreads in schools frustrate parents
Turns out no kind of butter is going to be allowed in schools. What does this mean for picky eaters?

Frustrating- Posts-couple-note-570
Love Notes From Husband And Wife Perfectly Capture What Married Romance Looks Like
Disclaimer: strong language is used in this post. A look at what modern romance is like for married couples.

Frustrating- Posts-dad-570
It’s Time to Retire the ‘Dumb Dad’ Joke Once and for All
Is dad less than mom? One dad speaks up.

Frustrating- Posts-parenting-advice-570
The Officially Unofficial List of People Who Should Not Give Parenting Advice
The list is here and yes, in-laws is on it.

Frustrating- Posts-yellling-570
The Important Thing About Yelling
The important thing is … it’s not too late to stop yelling. A look at how yelling and anger can affect your relationships.

Stop Ruining Your Kids’ Fun – Let Them Eat Halloween Candy
One mom strikes back against the sugar-hating. Let them eat candy!

I’ve Been Holding My Daughter Back For My Son’s Sake. Not Anymore.
One mom’s struggle with parenting her children equally.

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