Transgender Dad Looks Back on First Year of Breastfeeding

Photography via Milk Junkies

Our friends at Bunch Family posted this amazing story about transgender father and his first year of breastfeeding his child.

Winnipeg father Trevor MacDonald was born female and transitioned to male. When he wanted to start a family with his partner, he went off hormones in order to get pregnant. After son Jacob arrived, Trevor took up the challenge of nursing his wee baby.

Trevor’s story is fascinating and head-shakingly amazing for so many reasons. I tried supplemental nursing with my wee nursing refusnik, but never got the hang of it. My obstacles were nothing compared to Trevor’s. Kudos to this lactivist dad for persevering through a unique set of challenges.

Check out Trevor’s story for Bunch, and read all about his amazing story on his blog, Milk Junkies.

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