We’re Leaving on a Jet Plane—Without the Kids!

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This coming May will mark my 10th wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, me and the huz are going away. Just us. Without the kids. For more than one night. Finally.

True, our getaway will not be the return to our European honeymoon destination that we promised each other while we were on that honeymoon, but 10 years and two kids later, a long weekend in Chicago will pretty much feel that way. And did I mention we are going without the kids?

This extended weekend will officially mark the longest that my husband and I have been away, together, without the kids, since having our first nearly seven years ago. Previously, our record was one night at a winter resort for a company Christmas party. That’s not to say that we haven’t been away from our kids—we have each enjoyed quite a few fun weekends away with friends separately, and each year our girls have gone to spend a week with grandparents in the summer. But those weeks, when neither of us took any time off work, hardly even counted as a staycation, let alone a vacation.

So, off we go.

We are really looking forward to our little trip, but to be honest, if we were going for any longer, we’d probably bring the kids along. In fact, when casually perusing websites to see what activities we wanted to prioritize while in Chicago, the prospect of visiting amazing museums, aquariums, zoos and yes, the American Girl Place, prompted both of us to nearly simultaneously say, “Maybe we should bring the kids.”

I know, we’re crazy, right? But the thing is, as much as I’m sure we’ll enjoy the time to ourselves, we’re not in this place where we need it, where we are desperate for it, like we used to be. With our move to the cornfield came the more relaxed pace of life we wanted, and not only are we less stressed, but as a couple, we are together quite a bit more than we used to be (we could be verging on too much together time). Add to that the generosity of relatives allowing us a regular weekly date night, and truth be told, we would probably be just as happy turning our second honeymoon into a family vacation.

But no, as much as we love our girls and have fun together as a family, I think me and the huz will stick to the trip as a duo. And I’m pretty sure that by time we’re sitting on a patio with a glass of wine in our hands and nowhere to be but a hotel room, we’ll forget all about the kids—at least, for a few days.

Have you left your kids for an extended period of time? How old were they when you left them the first time?

Karen Green recently traded life in the biggest city in Canada for life in the biggest cornfield in Canada. Freed from her full-time job as a writer and editor, Karen now spends her time…writing and editing. And frolicking in the leaves with her two small girls. Karen is a speaker, the founder of Mom The Vote and the author of the blog, The Kids Are Alright, where she has been writing about the humorous and poignant moments of family life since 2005. She is thrilled to be a part of canadianfamily.ca.

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