Time-Saving Solutions: How to Get Out of the House Fast

If you saw me and my magpie this morning, you would have noticed that my skirt was more than a smidge past the “Is it really too wrinkly to wear?” point. But hopefully that would have distracted you from my son who was a) chewing on a toothbrush, b) simultaneously scarfing down a coffee-shop muffin, and c) clutching a tube of Clinique moisturizer.

Oh, and we both had damp hair and I was hobbling. I have no idea why he had the moisturizer, other than that when I announce the word daycare each morning, he grabs at least two random objects to take with him. And I have no idea why my feet are suddenly so blister-inducingly chubby.

Getting dressed the night before for Happy Portugal day at daycare.

But the good news is that I do know how we make it to work/daycare at a not entirely unreasonable hour. Here’s how we keep it together on days when I haven’t pre-chopped fruit/veg snacks and howling seems to be our default mode of communication.

1. Put him to bed in Gap jammies, so you just have to switch the bottom in the morning. They’re adorable, good quality and fitted—the tops don’t do that wide at the waist thing and are cuter than most actual tees out there. I aspire to one day putting him to bed fully clothed. Of course, that would involve potty training, so the odds are very, very low.

2. Yes, your Blackberry is the devil. But I like to think that if he can’t see me using it and his mouth is full enough, my attention isn’t really distracted. And it makes sure I have my to-do list ready for when I hit my desk.

3. Keep a pair of socks/shoes in your stroller/car. I take off Sebastien’s shoes before I even unbuckle him, and sometimes don’t even put them on until we get to the daycare door.* (I also leave a jacket/blazer or two out there.)

These tips may seem obvious or lazy, yet it’s definitely working for us. How do you get out of the door fast?

*Warning: following all three of these tips on the same day will most certainly result in you looking like a bad mom. Especially if there is a giant/dark/bruised bite outline on your child’s cheek. If you’re wondering why strangers are furrowing at you, that is likely why.

—Melissa, CF‘s lifestyle editor

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