Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Crib Safe

Photo Courtesy of ephotography via Flickr (CC)

Just a quick reminder to everyone with little bundles of joy curled up in a cozy crib: Health Canada recently advised recalls of a number of drop-side cribs for health and safety concerns.

To ensure that your crib is safe for your child:

• Refer to the Consumer Product Recalls Database to see if your crib has been recalled and what steps should be taken to ensure your child’s safety.
• Regularly inspect your child’s crib for defects/damage and cease using it if any problems are found.
• Never use a crib if it has missing parts or if it cannot be constructed via the instructions.
• Never use tape, rope or any other product to make repairs to your crib. Any parts used in repairs should be sent by the manufacturer.

To stay informed of the latest crib, as well as other product, news, sign up for alerts at the Consumer Product Recalls Database, and follow Health Canada’s Twitter feed.

For more information on cribs, visit Health Canada’s website.

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