Valentine’s Day Book List: Sneaky Reads Just for You

Want some Valentine's Day book suggestions? Kobo has the perfect Valentine’s Day book list, just for you.

Show yourself the love this Valentine’s Day with some much-needed YOU time and a good ‘romance’ novel by your side. Don’t be shy: Load all your sneaky favourites on your eReader, so whether indulging in 50 Shades of Grey curled up on the couch, or riding home on the subway, no one around you will be the wiser if you don’t want them to be.


Fifty Shades of Grey:


This should be #1 on your naughty book list. If you haven’t experienced Christian Grey, you need to. Download on your Kobo and keep this one a Valentine’s Day secret…

Seven Minutes in Heaven:


Kobo’s top seller after 50 Shades whipped the mask off the ‘active romance’ genre. Delve into the life of Eugenia Snowe, who may lose her heart in the most reckless gamble of her life – or will she discover the sweetest pleasure she’s ever known?

The Mistress:


The title says it all. Give in to the seduction of this #1 New York Times Best Seller.

Accidentally on purpose:


A perfect Valentine’s Day read for the hopeful romantic. Maybe your long-lost love has been in front of you all along?

Fifty Shades Darker:


We know you read the first book, take yourself on another journey of passion and desire with this red-hot sequel – and for your eyes only!

Call Me by Your Name:


A steamy LGBTQ story about an adolescent boy exploring his sexuality. Read the book that inspired one of the most-buzzed about movies of the year.

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