What’s Your School Year’s Resolution?

Help your child start the school year on the right foot with our printable resolution list

School Year's Resolutions
Counting down to the new school year is a lot like preparing for New Year’s Eve. You spend time choosing the perfect outfit for the big event, you can’t wait to see all your friends (in one place, no less!), and you can’t help but feel a rush of optimism as you prepare to usher in a new year full of possibilities and great things ahead.

The truth is, when you’re a kid, the “new year” starts in September, not January—even if the calendar disagrees. So why not embrace it? It’s time to celebrate!

In addition to planning an awesome countdown for back-to-school, we like the idea of getting kids psyched for their first day of class with a “School Year’s Eve” party. Skip the midnight countdown, but keep the party hats and decorations, along with a special dinner featuring your kiddos’ favourite foods. And of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without a list of resolutions for the new school year.

Making resolutions for the school year is a great exercise for kids of all ages, as it gives them a list of self-selected goals to work towards. For little ones, resolutions could be as simple as being a good listener, or making a new friend. Older kids can work towards more challenging goals, like mastering the 12 times table, or scoring higher than a certain percent on a test.

Whatever your child’s goals for the year, the first step in achieving them is to write them down! With that in mind, we’ve created a handy School Year’s Resolutions sheet for you to download and print. Having a physical list of resolutions will not only help keep your kiddo on track and make them more accountable, but it will also provide a big self-esteem boost and sense of accomplishment as each goal is crossed off.

Let the countdown to the new year begin!

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