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Affogato al Caffè

One of our favourite beverages:coffee paired decadently with one of our favourite sweet, after dinner treats: ice cream. One plus one equals affogato!

January 6th, 2016

"Affogato" means "drowned" in Italian. The deliciously sweet ice cream is drowned by the more savoury but still equally as delicious espresso. We can't argue with the Italians when it comes to dessert and this one is no exception.  
  • 6 pre-scooped scoops good-quality vanilla ice cream
  • 3 shots hot espresso coffee in regular-sized tea or coffee cups
  1. Several hours in advance, lay ice cream on a freezer-proof tray and put the tray back in the freezer.

  2. To serve, put balls of ice cream into 6 small glasses or bowls, and pour a shot of hot espresso coffee over each.

  3. Serve straight away, leaving the ice cream to melt slightly into the hot coffee so that it remains until served.

Affogato al Caffè

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