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Prosecco Winter Spritz

November 18th, 2016

From Ruffino Prosecco

This drink will not only light up your holiday party, it will lighten up your heart. It tastes like a mini-vacation in a glass...but still says holiday with the combination of flavours.
  • 8 oz Chilled Ruffino Prosecco
  • 6 oz Aperol (an Italian aperitif)
  • Chilled Club Soda
  • 4 Orange Slices
  1. Combine Prosecco and Aperol.

  2. Pour mixture into glasses over ice, filling 3/4 full.

  3. Finish with a splash of club soda.

  4. Garnish with orange slice.

Prosecco Winter Spritz
From Ruffino Prosecco

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