How to Take Your Whole Family to the Movies for Free

We know heading to the movies is an awesome experience for the whole fam. AIR MILES Collectors can go for free —and we couldn’t be more excited...

Movies are an excellent way to entertain, teach, explore and inspire our kids. If there is a subject or character that your child identifies with, more likely than not there is a movie that explores it in some way. Kids’ movies, whether they bill themselves as educational or not, offer many opportunities to spark learning and discussion with our little ones.

A lot of the movies our kids are gravitating towards these days are based on books, which means we can challenge them to read the book first with the lure of taking them to the movie once they have. Or, if they see the movie first, hopefully it will inspire them to read the book (bonus!). Then you can have a discussion of how the book differed from the movie and which parts they thought were better of each of the mediums, developing their critical thinking skills. More important than just memorizing facts for school, learning and developing this type of thinking will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

And of course, there is something exciting and alluring about heading out to a theatre with the kids for an afternoon out of the house rather than plunking down in front of the TV. Kids see it as a treat, to go to a movie, as it should be. We even like to, so go all out and dress up a little (even if it is a robot costume), get snacks and settle in for the previews beforehand with everyone snuggled close together in the darkened theatre. Then, afterwards we sometimes go for a meal together and talk about what we witnessed, how it made us feel and what we thought about everything. It’s serious family time that everyone can get behind and enjoy.

AIR MILES really wants to help make sure our families experience the educational, experiential and entertaining benefits at the movie theatres, so they are helping us out!

Cineplex Family Favourite Movies, a series of family-friendly movies screened on Saturday mornings at 11 AM at participating Cineplex theatres. The usual cost for a ticket to one of these showings is $2.99, but AIR MILES Collectors can get up to 6 codes per week to see movies—for free! So, whether it’s Jumanji, Paddington Bear 2, Ferdinand—or something else—that strikes your littles’ fancy, AIR MILES wants you to enjoy a fun and seriously affordable trip to the movies with your family!

No purchase necessary. No Miles needed! The promo runs from February 15 – May 15, 2018, but promo codes only expire on May 19. Get yours today and use them towards Cineplex Family Favourites.

AIR MILES is bringing collectors closer to moments that matter to them, like movies for the whole family.

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