Girls Will Be Girls…And That’s a Good Thing!

Girls need to be girls just as much as boys need to be boys…exerting their “girlness” by developing self-confidence, bonding with other girls their own age, and learning practical life skills that will set them up for success.

We’ve all heard the saying, “boys will be boys”, and while we don’t want it to be used to excuse boys from difficult, dictatorial or destructive behaviour, we do think that boys “being boys” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Actually, it can be an excellent mantra; especially if we add to it that indeed, “girls will be girls”. We think changing the dialogue to include girls on the same level as boys makes all the difference.

Let’s agree that allowing girls to be girls means empowering them to express themselves without reservation. When girls feel free to “be”, a world of choices and adventure suddenly opens up in front of them.  Giving girls the opportunity to exert their true “girlness”—in the same way we’ve always encouraged boys to—allows them to grow, experience and learn in an entirely new way. As parents, we are acutely aware of how important it is that girls develop the self-confidence, skills and self-knowledge that will help them to grow into self-directed, happy, confident adult women whose choices will create successful life paths—thus creating a better world for everyone.

But HOW do we do this?
While school is super important, girls also have after school time available to them—and that time can be crucial in helping girls to become everything they can be. While music and swimming lessons teach important skills and team sports encourage camaraderie and trust, girls need activities that focus specifically on growing girls as girls. And that’s why we love what the Girl Guides of Canada offers girls.

At Girl Guides, girls from 5 to 17 meet with girls their own age in a safe, inclusive, all-female environment specially designed to empower girls. She’ll explore everything she wants to be at Girl Guides, where she’s encouraged to discover herself, have fun, make friends and develop practical life skills. She also gets an entry pass to even more amazing opportunities, including scholarships and international travel. When your daughter joins Girl Guides, she also instantly joins a network of more than 95,000 girls and women across Canada who love what Guiding offers them.

It’s Really ‘Everything She Wants to Be’
We identify strongly with the tagline the Girl Guides of Canada has developed for their organization. “Everything she wants to be” says to us that it’s important to parents to give girls the opportunities for self-discovery, self-acceptance, learning real skills and building self-confidence, within a safe, all-girl space where she’s encouraged to become her best self among friends.

Girl Guides has year-round local membership events across the country, which are an excellent way to meet members and learn about the various benefits of Guiding. Also, you can visit girlguides.ca/join-us or call 1-800-565-8111 to learn more and find out how to register.

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