How to Serve and Eat Fresh Meals Easily

We know getting dinner on the table is the lament of parents everywhere, and we found an amazing way to tackle this...and save money...and get rewards!

Ever have one of those days? You’re running around, all day, doing all that you do—from taking kids here and there and packing lunches to signing permission slips and getting to and from work—you finally fall through the door at 6pm and, of course, dinner isn’t ready.

We have ‘those days’ all the time…pretty much every day, actually. As organized as we try to be and as many meal plans we try to follow, we have trouble getting dinner on the table, so we end up grabbing pizza, eating out or having something delivered on a more regular basis than we’d like.

We would much rather cook at home, so we know what we are eating and what we are feeding our family, but sometimes we forget to get groceries or we neglect to defrost anything in advance. We would love to show our kids better food habits by helping them to discover delicious new recipes and flavours and showing them cooking is both easy and affordable—and takeaway doesn’t allow us to do that.

Just when we thought we had to give up on home cooking altogether, a fresh breeze and some serious help walked through our door in the form of MissFresh weekly delivery. MissFresh is a Canadian company that strives to help us lead healthier lives by making and eating healthy meals at home easy and accessible.

And bonus! For a limited time, AIR MILES is offering Collectors a chance to get $40 off their first two MissFresh orders, plus 25 Bonus Miles every time they order again during the promotional period. Visit www.missfresh.com/en/air-miles until May 31, 2018, to sign up. To take advantage of this promotion, simply enter your AIR MILES Collector number on the MissFresh site when you check out.

MissFresh online subscription service offers a great way to stay on track during the week with meal prep, snacks and beverages, saving time and money. Plus, with this promotion, you can get freshly prepared meals and get Bonus Miles at the same time, getting you closer to your Miles-earning goals!

MissFresh certainly delivers on their promise; their recipes are easy-to-follow, delivered to your doorstep pre-portioned and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes (dinner on the table in a half hour? Count us in!). They also work with local suppliers to ensure their customers are receiving the best seasonal produce and meats. And speaking of meats, MissFresh buys all their meats fresh and their fish is purchased fresh when available, otherwise, flash frozen. Since no items have been previously frozen, we can freeze anything we want to—to cook at a later time. They also offer great vegetarian options and if you order a custom box, you can choose between a selection of 13 weekly recipes to fit your dietary preferences.

By collaborating with MissFresh, AIR MILES is making it even easier for Collectors to get Miles while making purchases. You’ll find lots of cool rewards on airmiles.ca, some for less than 1,000 Miles. This includes a variety of merchandise from home accessories to tickets to shows and events.

To learn more about MissFresh visit: www.MissFresh.com and for updates on the AIR MILES x MissFresh limited-time promotion visit www.missfresh.com/air-miles and follow along on social channels:

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