Save Money, Get Perks and Spend Less On Things You Love and Need with AIR MILES

We love our kids...but we also love to save money. AIR MILES allows us to purchase what we need and want while saving us money, getting us more Miles faster and giving us countless opportunities to take advantage of Collector-only perks.

Between all the food they eat, the clothes they keep growing out of, the electronics they “require” and the extracurricular teams and classes they participate in, our children are hard on our pocketbooks. But, we adore them and while we most certainly say no to certain things sometimes (Fortnite upgrades anyone?), we like to provide them with exciting, educated, engaging things to do. It’s what makes them individuals and makes them interesting.

We also love to find ways to save money so we can do more of those exciting and engaging things as a family, or at least be able to still purchase exciting, engaging and interesting things for ourselves as well! That is just one of the reasons we gravitate strongly towards the AIR MILES Reward Program and have done so for years now (our Collector Cards are dated long before we had littles!).

We love that the Program has always given us the opportunity to save money and get Rewards in so many tangible ways—and this summer will be no different. With opportunities for redemptions; special, Collectors-only perks and various offers, AIR MILES offers so many practical ways to enhance our family’s summer experience, even when we’re sticking to a budget.

Get/Use Miles Easily and Effortlessly:

Unlike other loyalty programs, AIR MILES allows us to get Miles at participating retailers we actually shop at and relevant services we need to purchase on a regular basis. Think Shell, Metro, LCBO, Sobeys, Staples, Rexall, RONA, and even travel Partners.

Family Leaving For Vacation Loading Luggage Into Car


One more great way to get Miles (that might already be sitting in your wallet!) is by having a BMO credit card. Our BMO® AIR MILES® Mastercard® allows us to get double the Miles on purchases and offers a 1.99% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for the first 9 months. Don’t have one? No problem! Now is the best time to get one – sign up now and you can also get and a 500 Bonus Miles sign-up offer for new cardholders. The savings just keep on adding up!

Taking Advantage of the Perks:

AIR MILES also has Collector-only perks through the AIR MILES Perks Program that are totally up our alley, especially with summer in full swing and kids needing things to do that won’t break the bank. We’ve already filled our calendar with trips to the CN Tower (where we saved 15% off admission), a family night at Medieval Times (tickets were also 15% off), a family backyard movie night, complete with Kernals Popcorn (for which flashing our AIR MILES Card gave us a free size upgrade!) and have tickets for our kids to hit Ripley’s Aquarium (which were 20% off). We also have a family vacation to see the grandparents in Vancouver planned for July and thanks to AIR MILES, we’re saving 45% off Park N’ Fly parking and we saved about 35% when we purchased Whitecaps Soccer tickets for everyone for while we’re there!

AIR MILES keeps us and our littles happy with practical offers and fun experiences, while at the same time saving us money and regularly rewarding us through our everyday purchases and just for being Collector.

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