Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Angela Magon #CFTeacherAwards



Please consider our great teaching principal Angela Magon for the Canadian Family Teacher Awards. Mrs. Magon has proven to be a trailblazer in administrative efforts, coupling this with fantastic teaching strategies for our very small, 50-student K-12 school in remote Yukon Territory. She has succeeded in engaging our very diverse community school, which includes students from many backgrounds, such as First Nations, students whose first language is not English and an international student. She has been very active in integrating the school as part of the greater community by involving the school in community events and festivals. She has a vision for her students as functioning citizens and works hard to empower them. It can be very challenging trying to offer a full course load for senior students, and Mrs. Magon succeeds in preparing our students for post-secondary education. She insists on offering opportunities for our students to be exposed to other learning environments in other places, which is not easy in rural Yukon, where a field trip is generally difficult in frigid temperatures and where there are vast distances between schools. We would love this opportunity to showcase our great teacher, Angela Magon, and for others to appreciate her as we do. — Parent of student and chair of school council