Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Bryan Derksen #CFTeacherAwards



Mr. Derksen is an incredible secondary school tech teacher. He loves his job and shows his enthusiasm to his students on a daily basis. He excites the students to see what the world of technology has to offer whether it is automotive, welding, construction or wood working. He gets to know his students and creates jobs that are in their skill level while still challenging them and giving them lots of new learning opportunities. He saw the potential in my son and challenged him to reach it. My son has a passion for automotive and Mr. Derksen saw this and specifically designed a co-op placement that surrounded this. My son completely tore down a car, removed the engine and transmission as well as the entire wiring harness and all its components. He then put it back together and was able to get it to run again. Mr. Derksen took the time and energy to come up with this specific program for my son and taught him all the necessary skills to complete it. He is a carrying teacher who wants his students to strive for the best that they can be. He truly does this by knowing his students as individuals and looking for ways to inspire them. My son is a quiet, conscientious student and Mr. Derksen helped him develop the courage to ask for what he wants in life. He has built up the confidence in my son to speak up when he wants something, whether it is school- or job-related. My son approached Mr. Derksen regarding another co-op placement in the tech department at the school. Once again Mr. Derksen came through with another exciting project. Mr. Derksen also took the time to help my son pick the right co-op. Mr Derksen did not want my son to end up in a co-op where he’d only be doing tire and oil changes. Mr. Derksen was able to find a shop that was looking for someone who was actually interested in the trade. My son loves this new placement and is grateful that Mr. Derksen helped him to get such a good placement. My son is now in Grade 12 and goes in whenever he can to the tech department. He knows Mr. Derksen will be there with a smile on his face. A teacher like this does not come along very often. Our small, rural town is lucky to have a hidden gem like him to teach our youth. He made a difference in my child’s life. He helped fan the flame of my son’s desire in regard to the automotive industry. He encouraged my son to follow his passion and dreams in the automotive field, and my son will be attending a post-secondary school in this field. — Parent of student