Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Jim Crescenzo #CFTeacherAwards



Mr. Jim Crescenzo is one of those teachers who, if you’re really lucky, you meet once in a lifetime! He has devoted over 30 years to teaching drama, film and television at Templeton Secondary on the east side of Vancouver. A Templeton graduate himself, he returned to his alma mater in 1981 and built the drama program from the ground up. If you Google Mr. C. you’ll find him listed on too! This drama teacher by day is also a professional actor and has been for decades. He has dedicated his life to working with students and ensuring that those at-risk don’t fall through the cracks and become another statistic! He is a true example of the adage “practice what you preach.” He’s done it all-written shows with his students, won theatrical awards, built a successful film and television program from the ground up, found mentors and philanthropists to support an ever-growing performing arts department and founded Boys’ Club to help those boys in danger of falling into a bad place and/or not graduating high school. And Mr. C has done it all with a smile, a laugh and a sensational wardrobe-all the while living with health challenges that would send most to the sidelines! Jim has also mentored dozens of students teachers and new teachers, myself included, about how to build not only a drama program, but a true community! A community at the school as well as building community and relationships with those outside the traditional four walls and a white board. Perhaps the best example of his legacy is the number of Templeton alumni who return to pay it forward to the next generation of up and coming artists. The community that Mr. C. has built over the years is one that lasts a lifetime. No matter how far away you go, you know you always have a place to come home to…the “little” theatre that did on the east side of Vancouver. For these reasons, and so many more, I am honoured to nominate Mr. Jim Crescenzo as an outstanding teacher and educator. — Colleague