Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Robert Gregoris #CFTeacherAwards



Mr. Gregoris is an amazing teacher because he really practices what he preaches, making his teaching all the more effective. As the chaplain of the school and a great religion teacher, he really makes sure that he lives the virtues that he teaches students in the classroom. He doesn’t view teaching as a job, but as a vocation, as a mission to help students. With such a perspective, the way he interacts with students is unique; he always makes sure to personally keep in touch with every student in the school community that he knows is in need of support, spending his spare periods visiting and talking to such students. In the classroom, he teaches with great effectiveness and enthusiasm, and so every student in the grade naturally hoped to have him as their Grade 12 religion teacher. I was blessed to be one of those students who had him as a teacher, and can say with certainty that he provided great lessons in the classroom and in his own example. By the way he taught and lived those lessons, he truly brought everything to life in that class, which helped me learn and love my Catholic faith even more than I did before. Outside of the classroom, within the realm of extracurriculars he is also extremely dedicated. From preparing and running retreats to overseeing the Youth Ministry and its growth, he really has a gift of working with students. There are good teachers, even though they may not have this gift, but Mr. Gregoris does have such a giftedness with youth, and that makes him exceed the standards for being a good or even great teacher. He’s much more than that, to me and to others; he is a great father figure, an excellent mentor and a superb teacher. — Former student