Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Samantha Burland #CFTeacherAwards



Ms. Burland teaches a Grade 2/3 class at Heritage School. I am amazed with her as a young educator, which prompted my nomination. Ms. Burland loves learning and loves children, which I think are the two characteristics of a great teacher. She encourages learning through different mediums: hands-on science (moon buggy races, homemade boats, experimenting with different surfaces to learn about friction); physical activity (daily “Body Breaks” promoting healthy living); art (my seven-year-old has replicated Kandinsky’s art); and social studies (a community walk that resulted in a class book as well as physical replications made with the help of a guest architect). Skilled in the area of computers, Ms. Burland has implemented the iPad as a learning tool in the classroom. It thrills me that my daughter is learning this medium that I know nothing about. I am amazed at this young educator’s ability to have such control over her class, teaching responsibility and ownership for students’ behaviour. She teaches her students that they are like a team and therefore, responsible for each other and the team as a whole. (Please see for the Team 24 blog chronicling the adventures of her classroom.) Her confidence in her ability to teach is evident as I watch her ability to effortlessly prepare her class for end of the day pick-up. Ms. Burland is always available and I have seen her provide that one to one assistance that students may require; whether it is for a comforting hug, praise for a job well done, firm yet gentle reminders in regard to behavioral expectations, or to speak to a parent with a concern or question. This quote from my seven-year-old that prompted me to nominate Ms. Burland sums it all up perfectly: “Ms. Burland will be away this week in the mornings. She is going to go learn about the iPads and math and ways to be a better teacher. That seems like a waste of time for her because she is the best teacher ever already.” — Parent of student