Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Sean Sepulis #CFTeacherAwards



Sean Sepulis is the kind of passionate educator every parent hopes their child will get. Sean teaches Grade 2 at Pleasant Park Public School (PPPS) in Ottawa, and my daughter had the privilege of being in his class. There are many things that make Sean an amazing teacher. First and foremost, he takes an active interest in every one of his students and their individual needs. My daughter, for example, was struggling with her reading and writing. Sean noticed early in the school year and proactively scheduled a meeting with my husband and I to develop a plan to get her on track. He made many helpful accommodations for her and was always there to help her when she needed it, without making her feel singled out. He observed my daughter and was able to leverage her strengths, as he does will all of his students. Sean is more than just a teacher, he is also the principal designate, stepping in to fill the role of principal when needed. If that isn’t enough, Sean also brings his love of sport to the class and the school. A competitive international swimmer in his youth, Sean encourages all of the kids at PPPS to be active. In fact, he coaches every single sports team at the school—Bordenball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball and track and field. In the winter, he takes his class to the local skating rink, and in the spring and fall, he runs the “Kilometre Club,” where kids run a kilometre twice a week until they have run the equivalent of a full marathon. Through his leadership, all the kids at PPPS experience the amazing feeling of accomplishment that comes from pushing oneself physically. As an athlete himself, Sean saw the opportunity this year to do something very special with his class. He applied for the class to part of the Commonwealth Class Initiative. After a long application process, Sean’s class was chosen. Pleasant Park is one of 15 Canadian schools participating in this initiative to mark the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The project gives 7–14-year-olds the opportunity to learn about the values of the Commonwealth and its member states, and to learn how to be active, responsible global citizens. Furthermore, through this initiative a few students could win a free trip to Scotland to watch the games; what a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Sean makes a huge difference in the lives of so many kids at PPPS. He deserves this award in recognition for all that he does. — Parent of student