Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Shivonne Lewis-Young #CFTeacherAwards



Shivonne is a caring, thoughtful and eager Grade 3 teacher. She has initiated and maintained a BYOD (bring your own device) policy in our school and has assisted in purchasing and maintaining 30 iPads for the school. She is a true inspiration for the kids when it comes to 21st-century learning. She makes the ability to use these technologies enjoyable and educational for these kids. She has others from around the school assist her with the various maintenance aspects of these iPads. I have seen a lot of children volunteer for these tasks and she tries to accommodate them all. Her class is a very challenging class. There are numerous children who present various challenges and she is able to adapt to all of their abilities to assist them in learning effectively. I know this is an expectation of every teacher, but she assists every child in the class and does not exclude anyone. She always has a job, a task or just a kind word for everyone. Shivonne volunteers for many parts of the school. She co-leads the Green Team, which has youth from around the school in various classes assist in being ambassadors for a greener school. She has encouraged the school in adopting a boomerang lunch policy; this encourages kids to either recycle or take elements of their used lunch home. This reduces the amount of garbage the kids produce. Shivonne was instrumental in producing a video (shot with the use of the school’s iPads) that showed the fun of the “Olympic Day.” She used kids who could not participate in events and filmed and took pictures, then on an assembly day presented the video to the school. Shivonne has started a project at the beginning of the year called “Genius Time” with the kids of our class. This is a time for self-directed learning. All the kids are given an opportunity to learn about anything they want to. Some have chosen to build things with various materials. Some just want to learn to cook a pizza, some have wanted to know how do you create an app for the iPads, some have wanted to do things for the community. Shivonne has encouraged everyone and assisted them in finding the resources, materials and and the courage to try something that they are interested in. In one case, a special needs child wanted to create a community garden for the school. Shivonne has tried very hard to get the resources necessary to get this dream a reality. This will put a smile on her face too. — Colleague