Vote for Teacher Awards Semi-Finalist Xochitl Lugo #CFTeacherAwards



Ms. Lugo is such a unique teacher and has definitely impacted me significantly. She has various ways of her approach in teaching, connects with the students, listens to our opinions, gives us reasonable feedback and her routines are so engaging. She really inspired me and she was a part of the reason I am the person that I am today. From Freedom Writers, to learning about the Holocaust and to watching Rob Stewart documentaries, Ms. Lugo’s units were so productive and I really felt a purpose behind each. She gave us tasks that we could relate to and understand as to why we need to do it and how we should express ourselves. She dealt with our problems, discussed issues and always gave us feedback and advice on how to solve them. We did circle time every week and it really gave us a stress-reliever and time to reflect on ourselves, observe/listen to our classmates and generally get to know our class better and be at more of a comfort level. Ms. Lugo showed appreciation and positivity to all her students; honestly, she is one of those rare teachers that I could ever find who I actually felt like was a friend and I could share anything with. She was always there to listen and be by our sides in all the challenges that came in our way. She expressed the idea of creating a family, a community in the class where everyone is accepted and understood. She hosted and organized so many clubs and events for the school and for our class. She did a ton of fundraisers with us, including bake sales, candy grams, etc., to raise money for books and trips that we planned on taking. She organized a huge scavenger hunt around our school property in which she included clues and activities from the units that we learned to guide us to a wonderful picnic with our class. Ms. Lugo encouraged all of us to end bullying and all be up standers. She informed us about the different aspects of bullying and what we can do to help stop it. We learned about the It Gets Better campaign supporting the LGBT community, the Holocaust and Freedom Writers, and wrote letters to the presidents/prime ministers of various countries to defend innocent people who stood up for what they believed. She taught us so much and organized so many events for us. It was such a fun-filled and inspirational year. Ms. Lugo continues to do this and she changes it up each year to make it a learning experience for her too. Her classroom is like our second home and she treats us like her second family. — Former student