Alex Moore

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What the nominator said:

Madame Moore is a Grade 1 French immersion teacher who is fully invested in her kids. It’s obvious that she puts a lot of time and effort into her lesson plans and the kids respond positively to them. She has an amazing balance of authority and likability with the kids, which keeps her classroom functioning smoothly while still ensuring it’s a fun place the kids want to be. She initiates extracurricular programming with the kids when she sees a need. For example, last year when my daughter was in her class, she created a primary art club for Grade 1 and 2 students as they were too young to be included in many other clubs. Additionally, she worked with her class to collect clothing and books for children in a more economically-challenged school. The children also got the opportunity to be pen pals with those students.

Something you may not know about me?

I was never an “A” student. Being a French Immersion student myself, I had to work extra hard to be able to read and write in two languages–English and French. I was never that student who just “got it” on the first try. I had to focus, persevere, and practice… a lot!
At the time I cursed my inability to catch onto concepts easily, but as an educator I am so glad I was “that” student. It has taught me to think outside the box while delivering my lessons and to differentiate for a variety of learning styles. I can always relate with the student who struggles and have a soft spot for them and their perseverance.

If you win, how will you allocate the Teacher Awards prize money?:

I would put every penny towards building a small greenhouse on our school property. I have always wanted to find the funding to build a greenhouse, in which my Grade 1 students would grow an edible garden. The idea would be to grow plants such as tomatoes, kale, carrots and so forth, which could then be sold for school fundraising.

In previous years, I have run a gardening club for primary students. I found the toughest part was the lack of physical space for our plants. Because of our Ontario winters, it is difficult to successfully grow plants in the spring (in time for summer vacation) without running the risk of frost. If we had a greenhouse, we could plant our seeds well in advance, allowing for gestation and sprouting before we even had to worry about the last frost of the season.

I believe wholeheartedly in the holistic benefits of gardening. I have seen just how happy and rejuvenated gardening makes my students, and I can’t think of a better way of providing them with a sense of responsibility and ownership.

Being able to buy a greenhouse would bring my entire school community together, including my students’ families. I can only imagine how exciting this initiative would be!