Amanda Wilson

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What the nominator said:

Amanda Wilson is an exceptional teacher and an absolute inspiration to her students, in particular to young girls. In her Grade 4/5 classroom she encourages leadership, empathy and curiosity. When her students come up with an interesting suggestion, she looks for a reason to say “yes” and works with them to develop a plan to follow. When my daughter and her friends approached her to lead a lunchtime yoga club, she facilitated the solution and then allowed them to work through the logistics and organization. By Grade 5, children can start to become disengaged, but “Madame Wilson” is fun and cool and interesting, and the kids want to spend time with her.

Amanda is well travelled and shares world stories with the students to encourage tolerance and empathy. She continues her own educational studies and through her experiences demonstrates that with hard work and focus great goals can be achieved. Amanda communicates with parents regularly and takes the time to send little notes, emails and postcards to share a success story or a sweet moment in her day involving our children. It ensures that we feel connected. She is so approachable I would not hesitate to contact her for any questions or concerns I may have. My daughter went from thinking she was terrible in math to achieving As on her report card—what a confidence boost. Amanda designs interesting and interactive projects for the children to work on, teaching them life skills along the way.

What is your teaching philosophy/creed?

I believe that children are simply adults-in-training, and should be treated as such. It is important to always assume competence and to set high expectations for them so that they can unleash their full potential. My goal is to be a guide for them and to create lifelong learners who have the skills to satisfy their own curiosity and learning needs.

If you win, how will you allocate the Teacher Awards prize money?:

I would put the money toward creating a maker space in our school for students to create, play and collaborate.