Angela West 


What the nominators said:

There is no end to the ways she has helped and supported not only me but countless other students and teachers in the school. When I feel done with life and like I could give up, just seeing her smile gives me hope.

Ms. West is an amazing teacher and will do anything to help students and members of the community. For example, Ms. West runs the Drive 4 UR Ford at our school to raise money for our upcoming Prom and food for the breakfast club.

Mrs. West is an exceptional teacher because she dedicates herself to the education and wellbeing of the students in the school. She is constantly approaching new ways of dealing with certain situations and is an excellent problem solver in many ways. Mrs. West will go out and buy food for our breakfast club and lunches for students that cannot afford to bring their own from home. She is always giving to others without the expectation of receiving anything in return.


What do you love the most about your job?:

I love being a part of our Student Success Team! Our Student Success Program and the individuals that I work with on a daily basis, makes everything about my role as the Student Success teacher rewarding. Our classroom door is always open which allows for great dialogue with staff and students on a drop-in basis and it contributes to fostering a welcoming and safe environment for all students. We have the opportunity to get to know our students in ways beyond the traditional classroom setting. Together, our team helps students to address their academic or personal concerns. We support them as they individually strive for success in their life both within and beyond school. Each day is a fresh start for everyone and there is never a dull moment in Student Success. Unlike a traditional classroom, it is difficult to plan or predict what may occur on any given day as students arrive with unique and changing concerns. We have learned to be very flexible and responsive to student needs in the Student Success room. This keeps my job interesting, exciting and rewarding.
What is your teaching philosophy/creed?:

I believe that all students have the potential and ability to succeed. By deeply listening to individuals and their needs and by treating each person with the respect and dignity they deserve, we are able to realize that academic success is attainable once all basic personal needs are met. In Student Success, it is our job as educators to prepare our students for the future; help them to become kind, responsible, active citizens; and instill in them the gift of lifelong learning. By addressing and acknowledging the potential and ability that each student has, we are able to guide them towards their own successes, leading them to ultimately believe in themselves.