Dominique Beaucage


What the nominator said:

Dominique Beaucage models her belief of being a lifelong learner. She is constantly on the look out to improve her teaching. Her classes do numerous hands-on laboratory experiments so that students gain a deeper understanding as well as enjoy doing interesting activities taken from daily life. She integrates social issues by talking about climate change, ozone layer depletion, waste management, hydrogen fuel cars and resources needed to live on planet Mars.

Beaucage likes to incorporate art into science such as making colourful and intricate Venn diagrams showing different types of matter, or drawing “Silly Penguins Dance Funny” to illustrate the sequence in which electrons fill in the “s”, “p”, “d” and “f” atomic orbitals in quantum mechanics. In addition to sharing her love of science, she also chairs the Pro-D committee at her school.

Through her teaching, she shows female students that it is possible to be a successful scientist. In 2006, Beaucage received the BC Outstanding Science Teacher Award. She is also featured on the Greater Victoria School District website.

What do you love the most about your job?

The human contact with my students, making them laugh, seeing the light of understanding in their eyes and, having them turned on to learning hands on.
What tips do you have for parents on how they can help prepare their kids to get the most out of the school day?

To be involved with their children’s education, to value learning, to ensure that their children are on top of their homework chores and to make them realize that it is a mark of courage to ask questions to their teachers when faced with a challenging task.